KreaPOS Solutions

Welcome to KreaPOS!

KreaPOS takes pride in designing powerful and innovative point of sale systems. Their solutions can help your business optimize and organize its many functions, from sales to inventory management.

ESS distributes Kreapos suite of solutions including hardware, software, service and support.  The suite of software includes solutions for retail stores and chains, gift shops, mini-marts and beauty salons.

We understand the importance of having a POS system for your business, which is why we are commited to providing you with the best products and service possible.

The products delivered are complete solutions. 

Our sleek user-interface makes it much easier to navigate through the system.
Our software is bilingual! (English and Spanish)                                                                                   All Pro and up versions can be accessed remotely!
We provide advanced tools at an affordable price.                                                                            Real-time detailed reports.
Flexibility to scale from one station to mulitple stations

Kreapos is a cost efficient, top of the line management solution for retailers. Kreapos is a system designed for any type of retail and store chains.

It features the Point of Sale system, the Central manager and Inventory control. This system features simple intuitive key menus and options that are self explanatory and require minimal training.

When you purchase a KreaPOS point of sale system you are acquiring one of the most distinguished brands in the market and because we value our customers, we strive, not only to deliver the best products possible but also the best price in the market. Kreateck will not only assure that you will be recieving an excellent system, but we work very hard to provide you with the best service possible after you purchase our products.